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a good exam-i like not having to get eye drops.the people are friendly and the office is clean.very satisfied with my visit and I got new glasses.
2 months ago
- Cathy B.
Excellent. Friendly yet professional. And HGTV is on the lobby TV. HALLELUJAH.
11 months ago
- Kimberly D.
Today was my first visit to Advanced EyeCare. The office was very, very clean and they are still practicing distancing and covid protocols as of this review. All surfaces and machines are cleaned after being used, and once clean, they note that it has been cleaned with a sign. While not feasible everywhere, I do like seeing this kind of dedication to cleanliness in a doctors office. All of the staff I encountered were very professional and helpful, doing their jobs very efficiently without making you feel rushed, but also effectively moving the process along. I only had to wait maybe 5 minutes after my scheduled appointment time to be taken back, and once the testing was complete, only another 3-4 minutes to see the physician. One thing that frustrates me is when you are made to wait forever to see your doctor even though you're on time, and it was a pleasure to see that this was not the case here, there was very little waiting. Prices were very fair with my insurance, especially the cost of the OptiMap exam (in lieu of having your pupils dilated). It was much cheaper than other eye doctors I've been to, and was an easy choice to opt for that service. The only complaint is the amount of time it can take to get an appointment, but given how professional and painless they make the process, it's understandable why they're so popular. Overall I highly recommend this office, especially if you still have concerns about covid or other health concerns that would make their cleaning practices attractive to you.
1 year ago
- Joel B.
These people are some of the nicest, most pleasant and friendly people I've ever met. I am very pleased with all aspects of my eyecare, but the gal who took care of most of my exam (Brandy) was the best.
1 year ago
- Brandi S.
I've been going here for years. They have advanced technology equipment. The girls there have always been extremely nice and prices are affordable. Just left there today and we all had a wonderful time talking and laughing. You cannot find a better place to go for eye exams, glasses, contacts, and especially customer service.
1 year ago
- MShu
Staffs re such friendly. They do amazing jobs
2 years ago
- Todd P.
Everyone there was really nice.the service is always top notch.i am well pleased.
3 years ago
- Sarah P.